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    this article about Amazon getting into the homebuilding industry just came out.
    Basically, Amazon wants to own the smart home industry. Right now they say that there are 20,000 Alexa-compatible smart home devices across 3500 different brands. Including appliances. So, have you integrated connected appliances into your home?

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    Connected appliances are a fabulous idea! I recommend them to my clients who want to make their lives easier. You can turn your oven off when you’re at the office, you can check your refrigerator when you’re at the grocery store in case you’re not sure if you need milk. For laundry, I think it’s great that my smartphone can tell me when my laundry is finished.

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    No way do I want smart appliances. For one, it’s just another component that can break. And 2, why would anyone want Alexa spying on them. How hard is it to set the buzzer on the dryer for when the laundry is completed? Or to make a list before you go to the grocery store. These are all just frivolous features that appliance companies use to try to sell more cheap appliances to the masses. We don’t need connected appliances. It’s a totally useless technology.

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    Smart home technology has both pros and cons. I think the frivolous features that wifi technology offers for appliances are maybe not worth the pricetag. And who really needs yet another TV in your kitchen on the fridge door? I’m also not sure about the engineering of that – a TV will generate heat, even with LED technology, and on a fridge – well, I just don’t see how that’s going to work out in the long run. See this Samsung Family Hub fridge as an example.
    Also, if you ever watch Silicon Valley, last season, one new fridge connected to all the other fridges on the network and downloaded what it detected was an upgrade to the software. It just means, when you’re connected to a network, your home becomes more vulnerable to hacking.
    On the positive side, one of the things that can be done with a connected appliance – especially a fridge or air conditioner, is modify how and when electricity is used – which could save you money by managing your electricity use better.

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    Great discussion, everyone! I just saw this interesting piece on CBC Marketplace on how easy it was for hackers to break into a couple’s home via their smarthome hub.

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