Are you happy with your fridge? How old is it? What make and model?

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    We have a 12-year-old Amana fridge. It is in stainless steel so it looks nice. Counter-depth, and 36″ wide. Two-door, not French door like the newer ones.
    The pros: We have to turn the machine off every few days because it makes ice so quickly! Even though it’s counter-depth, it seems bigger than other counter-depth fridges I’ve seen, so the fridge has plenty of space.
    The fan is a bit loud. I wouldn’t want to keep this fridge in an open-concept space.
    Also, the freezer is really small so we have a chest freezer in the basement. I understand why they switched the freezer door to a drawer. Sometimes if we’ve loaded up our freezer too much the door doesn’t shut leading to all kinds of other problems.
    Another issue is, if you pack the small freezer too full, you can block the airflow that sends the cold air to the fridge – which will prevent the fridge from cooling. I found out the hard way after I called a technician in and he told me everything was fine – I just had to defrost my freezer overnight! $120 later….
    Despite these drawbacks, it’s been a decent fridge for many years, so I’ll live with it until it dies – which hopefully will be many years from now.

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    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for sharing your story. We’ve recently written an article on the maximum time you should keep your fridge based on energy efficiency requirements.

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    I just found this forum and I needed to vent! Beware KitchenAid professional line!!! When we renovated the kitchen of our family home 26 years ago, we splurged and put in a SubZero fridge. Yes, it was expensive, but that thing was still working when we sold our house 18 years later. I never had to do a thing to that fridge and it just kept working.

    When we moved into our condo 8 years ago, we renovated the kitchen. I was looking for new appliances and my designer suggested I look at the KitchenAid line of professional appliances. I liked the look of the fridge – it looked a lot like the SubZero but at about 60% of the price, so I bought it. 7 years later it stopped working, but they’d discontinued the fridge (big surprise) and no longer made replacement parts for it. $12,000 for a fridge that only lasted 7 years!!!!

    We went back to another SubZero. Yes, it was expensive, but at least I know it will work – and if it does break, we’ll be able to get replacement parts.

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