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    Hi all,
    We are in the market for a new stove and are looking at both gas and induction. Does anyone have any preference of one type over the other? I have heard that there can be an annoying humming noise with induction cooktops.

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    Hi Patty,
    Thanks for your question. I have read that the humming noise is “normal” for induction cooktops. My understanding is that it is due to the pans being used. Pans that are lighter and made with multi-layered stainless steel are more likely to develop the hum noise than denser-bottomed pans like cast iron.
    Another issue I’ve heard of is the vibrating of pans – if pans are not perfectly flat they may vibrate slightly. In order for the best performance of an induction stove, getting high-quality, induction cookware is recommended. Induction cookware is magnetic – so test your current cookware by seeing if a magnet will stick to the bottom.

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