We all need a little help sometimes, especially when researching an area we’re not familiar with. Unless you work with consumer appliances on a daily basis you probably don’t keep up with the latest appliance trends – like the latest features (and whether they’re worth the upcharge), which appliance lasts the longest, is the quietest, most energy efficient, etc… With our Gleen appliance guides in hand, you can go forth and conquer the [appliance] world! (Or at least feel more comfortable making decisions.) Here are our favourite websites for the most reliable information on appliances. If you have a suggestion of a site we’re missing, please let us know by contacting Cathy at [email protected].

New Appliances

Refurbished and Used Appliances

Repair Resources

Service Companies Resources

If you do not have a warranty (manufacturer’s or store, or third party), or a regular service company, we recommend the following review sites to find trusted service companies.

Disposal Resources

Municipalities often offer a white goods (appliances) pick up service. Check with yours to see if you have one. Your responsibility is getting it to the curb.

Electric utility companies may offer an old refrigerator collection program where they will credit your next electric bill and haul away your old (usually 15+ years old) refrigerator. Check to see if your electric company offers this service. It can, however, take a few months from when you call for pick-up.

Junk haulers: Services such as 1-800 Got Junk, which specifically notes responsible refrigerant management on their website (with franchises across North America) will take away your old appliances for you for a fee  (no heavy lifting on your part required).

Scrap metal dealers: if you are able to drive a defunct appliance to a scrap metal yard, you can make some money on its scrap value. However, if you’re disposing of a refrigerator, it’s important that the scrapyard is an accredited refrigerants handler.